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It’s a great time to be alive – and an even better time to be Ava Kalea

Here are a few photos from the past few months that Ava Kalea has been back in San Diego …

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1 Year Old Baby Ava Kalea to Hit the Ski Slopes This Winter: Updated

Ava Kalea Skiing BabyLooking for Strategic Partnerships for Skiing Baby Project

(Updated 10/11/17)

This post first appeared on a LinkedIn ski professionals group pages and then on Awesome Travel Guides.  Thought it should also be posted here directly on Ava Kalea’s site so that her friends, family and fans will all know what she is up to.

Ava Kalea was a year old on 9/7/17 and we are looking forward to getting her on the snow this coming season.  She received her first pair of skis for her first birthday and has been watching lots of YouTube videos of other babies skiing.

Considering spending a full month (or more) in Salt Lake City to ski at Park City or some of the other local resorts. Figuring 30 days on the snow will do her (and her parents) well.

Could potentially get Epic, Mountain Collective, or MAX passes and do some traveling – possibly having our baby ski in every resort on a pass …

We will be filming the entire process and progress – and posting daily on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This a really great opportunity for ski and travel partners to get the word out about how great they are for family skiing and snowboarding.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on how to hook up some partnerships and/or the best way(s) to get Ava Kalea up to speed?


Ava Kalea Kennedy Modeling

Ava Kalea Gets Her First California Work Permit

Ava Kalea Work Permit State of CaliforniaHey there everyone!  Ava Kalea just received her first work permit in the State of California.  Now she is legally ready and able to work in the entertainment industry.  While still a baby, she will be open to modeling, but as she gets older, she will be focusing on acting and developing her special talents.


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Ava Kalea Recommends: Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water

I don’t always drink water (I’m still nursing from my momma), but when I do, I drink Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water.

Ava Kalea Recommends Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water


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Ava’s Idols: Jesse-Jane McParland

Ava Kalea is going to be learning martial arts with her dad as soon as possible. In preparation she has been watching YouTube videos of other youngsters practicing varying forms of martial arts.

One of Ava’s favorite Karate girls is Jesse- Jane McParland from Ireland.  “JJ” as some call her, is a YouTube sensation, has over 117 total martial arts titles and has made several amazing appearances on Britain’s Got Talent.

Here is Jesse-Jane McParland, aka JJ Golden Dragon in a private dojo.

This is Jesse-Jane’s first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent at age 9:

Here is JJ Golden Dragon in Britain’s Got Talent Semi Final 5 2015

This is Jesse-Jane McParland in the 2015 Grand Final of Britain’s Got Talent

Ava Kalea Kennedy Modeling Photos

New Photos of Ava Kalea – San Diego Agent Wanted

We are going to start looking for a GREAT agent in San Diego / SoCal for Ava Kalea.  Here are a couple of pics from a recent photo shoot:Ava Kalea Kennedy

Ava Kalea Kennedy

Ava Kalea Kennedy Video

Ava Kalea Kennedy’s First Time in Ocean

This is a short video of Ava Kalea Kennedy’s first time in the Pacific Ocean – or in any water outside of the bathtub and a little rain …

Video taken January 29, 2017 – Ava was just short of 5 month old.

Do you think she liked the water? Think she’ll grow up liking the beach?

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Ava Kalea Picks Hawks at New England

Ava Kalea Kennedy Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman 25Ava Kalea is by no means a football expert, but she picks the Seattle Seahawks to win in an upset at New England tonight, in what was the Super Bowl match-up in 2015.

She wants to throw out props to #25 Richard Sherman for his blocked kick this past Monday night and hopefully welcome back Kam and Bennett with a strong game and BIG W tonight.

Ava Kalea Kennedy Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman 25Thanks to Jojann and Doug for the super cool Seahawks onesie!!!

Note: Bennett is not back tonight after-all, but the Hawks are still hanging tough down just 7-6 at the end of the 1st quarter.

Ava Kalea Kennedy Learning Video

Ava Kalea Rolls Over at 9 Weeks and 2 Days: Video

A couple of days ago, Ava Kalea rolled over for the very first time – and her mom was actually taking video!  Please enjoy – feel free to share and comment.

I thought this was really cool – especially considering she was only 9 weeks and 2 days in our world. My mom says that I did not roll over until I was 5 months old! (Girls are definitely quicker than boys).

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3 Weeks Old: San Diego Beach Parents Must Have Jogging Stroller

This week I decided to dress you up in one of the outfits I bought you. A pretty colorful dress and a flower for your hair that Aunty Rachael got for you. She bought you a ton of pretty bows for your hair that will match anything you wear.

Flower in her hair just like mommy #avakalea

A photo posted by Stacia Kennedy (@staciakennedy) on

Before you were born I went crazy at Target. I waited till after the baby shower to shop for you so that I didn’t buy any duplicates. Your dad had never seen me go crazy shopping. He stepped away for a moment and I came back with a full cart of outfits.

Getting ready for #avakalea 14 days and counting

A photo posted by Joe Connector Kennedy (@joeconnector) on

Funny, but I’ve never witnessed @staciakennedy being so into shopping …

A photo posted by Daddy Blogger World (@daddybloggerworld) on

Your dad took us to the beach this week. I love taking a break during the afternoon and spend time with you and your dad. Here we are again in Del Mar.

@avakaleakennedy and @staciakennedy – two of the beautiful girls in my life

A photo posted by Monkey Baby Daddy Blogger (@monkey_babys_daddy) on

Your dad wanted to buy a jogging stroller months ago. Not for jogging but to take you on our walks on the beach. The Chicco Travel System stroller we have will not do on the sandy terrain.

As you know before you were born we love walking on the beach and catching a sunset almost every night.

Your dad is a great shopper and found a great deal on craigslist. You are too tiny for this type of stroller but we put down a nice fluffy blanket your aunty Fancy and Desi bought you and strapped you in. You fit perfectly and looked very comfortable.

Trying out our jogging stroller for our walk on the beach #sandiegoliving☀️ #sandiego #solanabeach #beachparents

A photo posted by Stacia Kennedy (@staciakennedy) on

If you are a #beachparent this is a must have. Jogging strollers are the best for strolls on the beach.

If you are looking for a good one, Jeep strollers are Daddy Bloggers favorite or anything with good tires and comfortable seating for baby to sleep in.

(For more advice and reviews Ask Daddy Blogger World for his opinion.)

This week your grandma Jojann also flew in from Seattle, WA to visit you. She will be here the rest of the week to stare at you and kiss you all up.

mom-and-ava-kalea-sunset mom-and-ava-kalea

As far as your health you have been growing like a weed. You are now 8lbs 14oz and 20 inches long.

You are also only doing breast milk and the last 2 days it’s been very hot so you have been crabby.

Not sure if it is the heat or if you are just so hungry. Or just the pains of growing so fast.

You make a ton of noises while you sleep and while you are just chilling at home you talk and squeak about.

It’s cute but also not sure if it’s gas when you start to get really fussy. Not so cute when you projectile vomit your milk at me.

Love you lots!