2 Weeks Old: First Trip To Venice Beach

Ava Kalea KennedyAva Kalea Kennedy, Uncategorized 2 Weeks Old: First Trip To Venice Beach

On September 21st you turned 2 weeks old. We started off the week with a great week.

You have been doing is eating a lot and sometimes you eat too much, too fast so you hiccup a lot and throw up on me a lot. You took your first real bath. After that, your hair got more spiky and I think your hair is growing fast.


#SpikyHairDontCare My hair was very spiky when I was a baby too. Your hair is dark on the top but the sides look reddish and blonde. I think you got that from your daddy. His hair was red when he was little.

I still can’t tell but your eyes are grey or blueish. I hope they stay like that or be more like your dad’s. Either way, it doesn’t matter you are still so pretty and beautiful!!!

We also went to the doctor this week and you gained back your weight. You were 7lbs 8oz.

I got you dressed up and decided to deck you out in leopard print. Thanks to your Aunty Cherie, who sent you a ton of clothes including this outfit. ava-kalea-lepoard-print

Your dad and I also love taking walks on the beach. When we moved to San Diego from Washington your dad and I would walk on the beach almost every day.

We haven’t been to the beach since you were born and your dad came home this week and decided it was time to show you your first sunset. Here you are at the beach in Del Mar, we tried to wake you to watch the sunset.

@avakaleakennedy ‘s 1st #sunset

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Over the past weekend, I was excited because one of your Aunties Jolyn that came to visit you last week wanted to see you again. She was in town for a few more days. I got your dad to drive us up north where she was staying. We took you and your brother on your first road trip to the LBC (Long Beach California).

@avakaleakennedy w Aunty Jolyn

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Your aunties loved visiting with you and they all took turns holding you. Here we are in front of El Torito’s they have a great buffet for breakfast.

After that, I really wanted to take you to one of our favorite places on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, this place called Poke Poke. Since I haven’t been able to eat raw fish since I was pregnant with you I was excited to go there. Your dad had lived in Santa Monica a city very close by for a few months a couple of years ago. I went to visit him there and we had a great time. I think your dad misses living there. Maybe we will live up there again one day.

Loving me some @pokepokebowls

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There was also a new place that serves acai bowls in a coconut shell. It was their grand opening and it was only $3 I love a great deal. It was Amazebowls!


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One thing we have been noticing is that you love to sleep with your hands above your head. It reminds me of your dad. He loves to go to the ocean and raise his hands to the sky in a Y shape and say YES! YES to the world, YES to abundance, Yes to Opportunity! It’s a way he gets energy, inspiration from the ocean. Maybe you will do that too when you get older.

@avakaleakennedy on a power nap

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Monday, you spent the mid-morning and afternoon with your dad. He took you for a walk and to the gym with him. While I went to see an acupuncturist for the first time. I have been having minor lower back pain. Now it is all better. Dad recommended me to get this treatment and I wasn’t sure but it was surprisingly very helpful.

The next day evening you slept a lot during the day which means you were up with me all night. I had no sleep. I was very tired but look how awake and alert you were. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything else.

Loving being your mommy! Happy 2 Weeks and will be back next week with a new update on your journey.

Love Mom!

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  1. Love reading this! Brings back A LOT of memories.
    Too bad the hosting for the site has been moved around so much and the pictures don’t show up. I hope you still have them somewhere.

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