3 Weeks Old: San Diego Beach Parents Must Have Jogging Stroller

Ava Kalea KennedyAva Kalea Kennedy, Uncategorized 3 Weeks Old: San Diego Beach Parents Must Have Jogging Stroller

This week I decided to dress you up in one of the outfits I bought you. A pretty colorful dress and a flower for your hair that Aunty Rachael got for you. She bought you a ton of pretty bows for your hair that will match anything you wear.

Flower in her hair just like mommy #avakalea

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Before you were born I went crazy at Target. I waited till after the baby shower to shop for you so that I didn’t buy any duplicates. Your dad had never seen me go crazy shopping. He stepped away for a moment and I came back with a full cart of outfits.

Getting ready for #avakalea 14 days and counting

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Funny, but I’ve never witnessed @staciakennedy being so into shopping …

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Your dad took us to the beach this week. I love taking a break during the afternoon and spend time with you and your dad. Here we are again in Del Mar.

@avakaleakennedy and @staciakennedy – two of the beautiful girls in my life

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Your dad wanted to buy a jogging stroller months ago. Not for jogging but to take you on our walks on the beach. The Chicco Travel System stroller we have will not do on the sandy terrain.

As you know before you were born we love walking on the beach and catching a sunset almost every night.

Your dad is a great shopper and found a great deal on craigslist. You are too tiny for this type of stroller but we put down a nice fluffy blanket your aunty Fancy and Desi bought you and strapped you in. You fit perfectly and looked very comfortable.

Trying out our jogging stroller for our walk on the beach #sandiegoliving☀️ #sandiego #solanabeach #beachparents

A photo posted by Stacia Kennedy (@staciakennedy) on Sep 25, 2016 at 9:16am PDT

If you are a #beachparent this is a must have. Jogging strollers are the best for strolls on the beach.

If you are looking for a good one, Jeep strollers are Daddy Bloggers favorite or anything with good tires and comfortable seating for baby to sleep in.

(For more advice and reviews Ask Daddy Blogger World for his opinion.)

This week your grandma Jojann also flew in from Seattle, WA to visit you. She will be here the rest of the week to stare at you and kiss you all up.

mom-and-ava-kalea-sunset mom-and-ava-kalea

As far as your health you have been growing like a weed. You are now 8lbs 14oz and 20 inches long.

You are also only doing breast milk and the last 2 days it’s been very hot so you have been crabby.

Not sure if it is the heat or if you are just so hungry. Or just the pains of growing so fast.

You make a ton of noises while you sleep and while you are just chilling at home you talk and squeak about.

It’s cute but also not sure if it’s gas when you start to get really fussy. Not so cute when you projectile vomit your milk at me.

Love you lots!


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